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Presented by Gable trained Steve Martin and The Granby School Staff

For more information call toll free: 1-888-514-1302
or E-Mail:

Site #1 Oct 5-7
Hanford High School
120 E. Grangeville Blvd
Hanford, California 93230
Sponsor: Michael Wright
H: 1-559-635-1292, Cell: 1-559-936-2177
Hotel Info and Directions are on:

Site #2 Oct 19-21
San Diego
El Camino High School
400 Rancho Del Oro Rd
Oceanside, CA 92057
Sponsor: Ruben Leon
H: 1-760-724-4542
High School Contact: Herb Cruz
Phone: 1-760-801-9723
Hotel: "Motel 6" - Phone: 1-760-941-1011

Site #3 Nov 9-11
North Torrance High School
3620 W. 182nd Street
Torrance, California 90504
Sponsor: Donnie Garriott
Phone: 1-310-530-6962, Cell: 1-310-749-5480
Hotel Info and Directions are on:

In the past 8 years, over 50 State team titles have been won by teams
attending The Martin's Original Granby School of Wrestling! Billy Martin
Sr. Won 21 team titles at Granby High School where he invented the "Granby Roll."
Since then, the Martin's have moved to Great Bridge High School where they
have won 13 out of the last 15 State team titles using the Granby Series.

Steve Martin competed as an Iowa Hawkeye under the legendary Dan Gable
where he was an All-American and Assistant coach. In the last 10 years,
Steve's teams have won the State Championship 9 times and 5 State Dual
team titles. His teams are consistently ranked in the Top 20 nationally,
with a Dual record of 241 wins, 12 loses, & 2 ties.

Coach Martin will teach you a systematic series that is easy to learn. He
will show you simple drills for each hold taught. All techniques have been
proven successful at State, National, and International levels. Be aware,
this is not just a Granby Camp. Coaches come to our camps for our takedowns
and top work as well. Coaches meetings will be conducted on how to: Run a
Practice, Conditioning, Strength Training, Psychology, and how to set up and
run a Championship Program from scratch. Videos will be show to illustrate
how the techniques in this clinic work in championship competition.

Coach Martin has already run a Fall and Summer Camp in Huntington Beach, CA
this year. He was a featured clinician at the 1999 Monterey Clinic of Champions.
Since then, several coaches have contacted him about conducting an Original
Granby School Clinic in California.

Do not be confused by imitation camps using the words Granby System,
or Granby Series, etc.


For example Great Bridge High School, which is run by Steve Martin and the
Granby School of Wrestling, won the 2001 Virginia State Team title, scoring
155 points and crowning 6 Individual State Champions! Imitation camps using
the Granby name scored less than 15 points at the same tournament.
Similar incidents have occurred over the past 11 years.

For more information about the Granby School, go to the following website:

Applications for the Granby School will be available at this website after August 15:

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