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California wrestling statistics

National High School Coaches Association (NHSCA)

NHSCA Senior National Championships

2010 (9 All-American)
103-Damien Gomez-Warren-Downey (S): 3rd Place (State Qualifier)**
103-Thien Tran-Irvine (S): 7th Place (State Qualifier)**
119-Jesse Delgado-Gilroy (CC): National Champion (3rd, 3rd, 1st , 4th State)
140-Jake Briggs-Bella Vista-Fair Oaks (SJ): 8th Place (3rd, 6th, 3rd State)
160-Dominic Kastl-Gilroy (CC): 7th Place (7th, 4th State)
215-JT Felix-Centennial-Corona (S): 3rd Place (4th, 2nd State)
285-Drew Meulman-Saint Francis-Mountain View (CC): 4th Place (2nd, 7th, 2nd State)
285-Peter Anguiano-Franklin-Elk Grove (SJ): 6th Place (3rd State)
285-Manuel Mazariegos-Sultana-Hesperia (S): 8th Place (7th State)

Team Result: 3rd Place
Qualifiers: Top 8 in California & wild card entrants**

2009 (16 All-Americans)
112-Estavan Cabanas-Canyon Springs-Moreno Valley (S): National Champion (2nd, 5th State)
112-Madison Gambrell-Clovis (C): 2nd Place (8th State)
112-Bryden Lazaro-Bella Vista-Fair Oaks (SJ): 3rd Place (State qualifier)**
119-Steven Salinas-Northview-Covina (S): 4th Place (2nd, 4th State)
125-Martin Gonzalez-Gilroy (CC): 5th Place (2x State Champ, 5th, 7th State)
125-Ryan Fillingame-Sultana-Hesperia (S): 6th Place (7th State)
145-Scott Sakaguchi-Clovis (C): 3rd Place (State Champion, 5th State)
145-Jordan Hart-Folsom (SJ): 5th Place (5th State)
145-Mathew Melendrez-California-Whittier (S): 8th Place (4th State)
152-Chris Uriquizo-Merced (SJ): 4th Place (State Champion, 2nd State)
152-Tigran Adzhemyan-Calvary Chapel-Santa Ana (S): 5th Place (5th State)
189-Ryan Loder-Granite Bay (SJ): 4th Place (5th, 6th State)
215-Nick Pica-Concord (NC): 3rd Place (State Champion)
215-Josh Wood-Modoc (N): 7th Place (3rd, 4th State)
285-Jose Lopez-John Glenn-Norwalk (S): 4th Place (3rd, 5th State)
285-Roger McCovey-Del Norte-Crescent City (NC): 5th Place (2x State Champion)

Team Result: National Champions
Qualifiers: Top 8 in California & wild card entrants**

2008 (10 All-Americans)
103-Jeremy Gendreau-St. John Bosco-Bellflower (S): 2nd Place (7th State)
171-Hunter Collins-Gilroy (CC): 2nd Place (State Champion, 3rd, 2nd, 8th)
103-Gilberto Camacho-Washington Union-Fresno (C): 3rd Place (2x State Champion)
112-Markjay Acosta-San Leandro (NC): 3rd Place (2nd State)
103-Edgar Diaz-Arvin (C): 5th Place (4th State)
119-Thomas Williams-South Hills-West Covina (S): 5th Place (4th, State Champion, 2nd)
135-Vinny Pisani-El Modena-Orange (S): 7th Place (State Champion, 5th)
140-Trent Stevenson-Arcata (NC): 7th Place (5th State)
171-Jake Meredith-Temecula Valley (S): 7th Place (2nd, 7th State)
119-Richard Alarcon-Mayfair-Lakewood (S): 8th Place (5th State)

Team result: 5th Place
Qualifiers: Top 8 in California & wild card entrants**

2007 (11 All-Americans)
103-Chris Done-Buchanan-Clovis (C): National Champion (4th State)
103-Taylor Louie-West Covina (S): 2nd Place (State qualifier)**
112-Nektoe Demison-Bakersfield (C): 2nd Place (3rd state)
119-Nikko Triggas-Campolindo-Moraga (NC): 2nd Place (3rd, State Champion, 2nd)
125-Boris Navachkov-Fremont-Sunnyvale (CC): 2nd Place (2x State Champion)
171-Justin Danz-Ponderosa-Shingle Springs (SJ): 2nd Place (4th state, State Champ)
215-Ryan Flores-Buchanan-Clovis (C): 2nd Place (5th, 2x State Champion)
112-Kellen Aura-Foothill-Pleasanton (NC): 8th Place (6th, 7th, 2nd state)
119-Jason Lara-Calvary Chapel-Santa Ana (S): 5th Place (State Champion)
215-John Hernandez-Pacifica-Oxnard (S): 8th Place (8th state)
285-Ryan Hoover-Hesperia (S): 6th Place (3rd state)

Team result: National Champions
Qualifiers: Top 8 in California & wild card entrants **

2006 (11 All-Americans)
130-Billy Murphy-Hughson (SJ): National Champion (2x State Champion, 3rd State)
112-Justin Paulson-Calvary Chapel-Santa Ana (S): 2nd Place (2nd, 3rd, 2nd State)
103-Pierre Bondoc-Beyer-Modesto (SJ): 2nd Place (3rd State)
103-David Chaidez-Foothill-Bakersfield (C): 3rd place (4th State)
119-Filip Novachkov-Fremont-Sunnyvale (CC): 3rd Place (State Champ, 2nd, 4th State)
125-Todd Schavrien-Poway (SD): 4th Place (State Champion, 3rd State)
135-Adin Duenas-Gilroy (CC): 4th Place (3rd, 7th State)
189-Nate Willard-Atascadero (S): 4th Place (2nd State)
145-Lucas Espericueta-Shafter (C): 5th. Place (3rd, 8th State)
103-Drew Velasco-North Torrance (S): 6th Place (State qualifier)**
130-Josh Betancur-Buchanan-Clovis (C): 8th Place (3rd, 3rd State)

Team results: 2nd Place
Qualifiers: Top 8 in California & wild card entrants**

2005 (10 All-Americans)
112-Brian Moreno-Foothill-Santa Ana (S): National Champion (3x State Champion)
189-Jake Varner-Bakersfield (C): 2nd. Place (2x State Champion, 2nd, 4th)
125-Mark Anderson-Lemoore (C): 3rd Place (State Champion)
103-Gabe Rodriguez-Calvary Chapel-Santa Ana (S): 5th Place (5th State)
119-Brandon Zoeteway-De La Salle-Concord (NC): 5th Place (6th, 6th State)
140-David Christian-San Ramon Valley (NC): 5th Place (State Champion, 6th, 8th)
135-Joe Soto-Porterville (C): 7th Place (State Champion, 7th)
215-Erik Nye-Red Bluff (N): 7th Place (3rd, 3rd State)
125-John Triggas-Campolindo-Moraga (NC): 8th Place (5th State)
145-Lewis Gonzalez-Turlock (SJ): 8th Place (2x State Champion, 4th)

Team result: 3rd Place
Qualifiers: Top 8 in California & wild card entrants**

2004 (8 All-Americans)
103-Matt Bautista-North Torrance (S): National Champion (State qualifier)**
135-Troy Tirapelle-Clovis (C): 3rd. Place (3x State Champion)
215-Brandon Halsey-Rancho Buena Vista-Vista (SD): 4th Place (State Champion, 7th State)
140-David Jauregui-Calvary Chapel-Santa Ana (S): 5th. Place (4th, 2nd State)
103-David Navarette-Temecula Valley (S): 5th. Place (7th. State)
152-Ryan Williams-La Costa Canyon-Carlsbad (SD): 6th Place (State Champion, 3rd, 4th State)
275-Marcus Moore-Hogan-Vallejo (SJ): 6th Place (5th, 3rd State)
112-John Gurich-Gilroy (CC): 8th Place (4th, 4th State)

Team result: 2nd Place
Qualifiers: Top 8 in California & wild card entrants**

2003 (8 All-Americans)
103-Sam Fragoza-Calaveras (SJ): National Champion (4th, 7th State)
125-Manual Rivera-Rosemead (S): National Champion (3rd. State)
119-Chad Mendes-Hanford (C): 3rd. Place (8th, 5th, 3rd State)
125-Gabe Flores-Clovis (C): 3rd. Place (3rd, 1st, 2nd State)
189-Joe Williams-Calvary Chapel-Santa Ana (S): 3rd. Place (5th, 2x State Champion)
140-Pat Payne-Poway (SD): 6th Place (6th, 3rd, 2nd State)
103-Jesse Contreras-Turlock (SJ): 7th. Place (3rd. State)
160-Brett Slone-Vacaville (SJ): 7th. Place (State Champion)

Team result: 3rd Place
Qualifiers: Top 8 in California & wild card entrants**

2002 (15 All-Americans)
125-Darrell Vasquez-Bakersfield (C): 2nd Place (4x State Champion)
160-Josh Sherley-Bakersfield (C): 3rd Place (State Champion, 2nd)
103-Gerrard Contreras-Buchanan-Clovis (C): 4th Place (State Champion, 2nd)
275-David Hazell-West Torrance (S): 4th. Place (4th State)
112-Andrew Domingues-Righetti-Santa Maria (S): 4th Place (4th State 2x)
140-Danny Cadwallader-Brethren Christian-Anaheim (S): 4th Place (State Champion, 6th)
103-Louie Puno-Vallejo (SJ): 5th Place (5th State)
130-Ricky Turk-Rim of the World-Lake Arrowhead (S): 5th Place (State Champion)
152-Sven Hafemeister-Lemoore (C): 5th Place (2nd, 4th State)
103-Jake Nishimura-Camarillo (S): 6th Place (State Qualifier)
215-Steve Juarez-North Torrance (S): 6th Place (3rd State)
103-David Villagran-Brawley (SD): 7th Place (8th State)
135-Jeff Bristol-Temecula Valley (S): 7th Place (5th State)
189-Kirk Davis-Arroyo Grande (S): 7th Place (2nd State)
112-Logan Ingram-Buchanan-Clovis (C): 7th Place (2nd, 3rd. State)

Team result: 2nd Place
Qualifiers: Top 8 in California & wild card entrants**

2001 (19 All-Americans)
103-Orlando Galvan-Loara-Anaheim (S): National Champion (State Champion, 7th, 7th)
125-Steve Esparza-Calvary Chapel-Santa Ana (S): National Champion (State Champion, 2nd)
135-Alex Tirapelle-Clovis (C): National Champion (3x State Champion)
160-Kenneth Cook-American-Fremont (NC): National Champion (State Champion, 2nd, 4th)
103-Tran Nguyen-Mt. Carmel-San Diego (SD): 2nd Place (3rd State)
160-Greg Smith-Rim of the World-Lake Arrowhead (S): 2nd Place (State Champion, 2nd)
171-Ryan Halsey-Rancho BV-Vista (SD): 2nd Place (State Champion, 6th)
215-Allen Kennett-Mayfair-Lakewood (S): 2nd Place (State Champion)
275-Lionel Apineru-Barstow (S): 2nd Place (State Champion, 6th, 6th)
103-Jeff Sato-Arroyo Grande (S): 3rd Place (6th State)
125-Thomas Vargas-Pacific-San Bernardino (S): 3rd Place (State Champion, 3rd)
171-Willie Parks-Calvary Chapel-Santa Ana (S): 3rd. Place (2nd. State)
125-Tyler Moran-Temecula Valley (S): 4th Place (2nd State)
145-Miguel Gutierrez-Foothill-Bakersfield (C): 4th Place (State Champion, 3rd, 3rd)
130-Andy Kim-Poway (SD): 5th Place (2nd, 2nd, 8th State)
145-Dustin Tillman-American-Fremont (NC): 6th Place (4th. State)
275-Chase Gormley-Torrance (S): 6th Place (2x State Qualifier)**
119-Jacob Palomino-Independence-San Jose (CC): 7th Place (3x State Champion, 2nd)
275-Peter Borba-Watsonville (CC): 8th Place (7th State)**

Team Result: National Champions
Qualifiers: Top 6 in California & wild card entrants**

2000 (14 All-Americans)
103-Marvin Garcia-Norte Vista-Riverside (S): National Champion (5th State)
125-Michael Simpson-Brethren Christian-Anaheim (S): National Champ (2x State Champ, 4th)
152-Brody Barrios-Poway (SD): 2nd Place (2x State Champion, 3rd)
103-Salvador Gonzalez-Merced (SJ): 2nd Place (4th, 2nd State)
112-Matt Sanchez-Bellarmine Prep-San Jose (CC): 2nd Place (8th State)
112-William Reick-Durham (N): 3rd Place (6th, 3rd State)
145-Chris Pendleton-Lemoore (C): 4th Place (State Champion, 4th)
103-Ryan Pong-San Ramon Valley (NC): 5th Place (6th, 8th State)
145-Adam Bones-Calvary Chapel-Santa Ana (S): 6th Place (3rd, 2nd State)
171-Jesse Juarez-North Torrance (S): 7th Place (2nd State)
119-Efren Ceballos-Manteca (SJ): 7th Place (4th State)
140-Peter Le-Santa Teresa-San Jose (CC): 7th. Place (7th, 3rd State)
215-Jordan Everett-Grossmont-El Cajon (SD): 8th Place (4th State)
112-Andrew Onsuerez-East Bakersfield (C): 8th Place (2nd State)

Team result: 2nd Place
Qualifiers: Top 6 in California

1999 (14 All-Americans)
103-David Lopez-Valhalla-El Cajon (SD): National Champion (2nd, 3rd State)
112-Jose Leon-Santa Ana (S): National Champion (3rd, 7th State)
140-Max Odom-Foothill-Bakersfield (C): National Champion (2x State Champion)
189-Joshua Naus-Centennial-Bakersfield (C): 2nd Place (State Champion, 4th)
275-Ben Fox-Buchanan-Clovis (C): 2nd Place (2nd, 5th State)
135-Jimmy Medeiros-American-Fremont (NC): 3rd Place (State Champion, 2nd)
145-Steve Martinez-Schurr-Montebello (S): 3rd Place (2nd State)
135-Steve Vieira-Hughson (SJ): 4th Place (State Champion)
140-Brian Cobb-Bellarmine Prep-San Jose (CC): 5th Place (2nd, 3rd State)
215-Zeb Beatty-Lower Lake (NC): 6th Place (Nevada State Champion, 2nd CA)
112-Randy Katz-Mission San Jose-Fremont (NC): 7th Place (4th, 8th State)
119-Ben Martinez-Tulare Union (C): 7th Place (2x State Champion)
125-Steven Trevino-Santa Fe-Whittier (S): 7th Place (State Champion)
125-Kurt Lorenz-Oak Grove-San Jose (CC): 8th Place (3rd, 7th State)

Team result: National Champions
Qualifiers: Top 6 in California

1998 (14 All-Americans)
103-Tony Perez-Santa Ana (S): National Champion (2nd State)
189-Mike Bigrigg-Calvary Chapel-Santa Ana (S): 2nd Place (3rd State)
103-Chris Felix-East Bakersfield (C): 3rd Place (4th State)
215-Phil Alejandrino-Chino (S): 3rd Place (State Champion, 6th)
130-Justin Flores-Temecula Valley (S): 4th Place (State Champion, 3rd, 6th)
160-Telly Sanders-Buchanan-Clovis (C): 4th Place (State Champion, 2nd, 4th)
103-John Hammer-Fairfield (SJ): 5th Place (5th, 5th State)
152-Kirk Moore-Foothill-Bakersfield (C): 5th Place (State Champion, 2nd)
215-Josh Saul-Calvary Chapel-Santa Ana (S): 6th Place (2nd, 8th State)
275-Hector Torres-Rosemead (S): 6th Place (2x State Champion, 3rd)
112-J.J. Roberts-Valhalla-El Cajon (SD): 7th Place (2nd, 4th, 4th State)
130-Fabian Sandoval-Chico (N): 7th Place (2nd, 5th State)
140-Pat Cadwallader-Brethren Christian-Anaheim (S): 7th Place (2nd, 3rd State)
275-Fred Aquitania-Will C. Wood-Vacaville (SJ): 8th Place (4th, 8th State)

Team result: 2nd Place
Qualifiers: Top 5 in California

1997 (12 All-Americans)
125-Carlos Blanco-Canyon Springs-Moreno Valley (S): National Champ (2x State Champ, 5th)
140-Joe Calavitta-Calvary Chapel-Santa Ana (S): National Champion (2x State Champ, 3rd, 4th)
125-Burt Pierson-Calvary Chapel-Santa Ana (S): 2nd. Place (2nd, 6th State)
160-Ty Wilcox-Calvary Chapel-Santa Ana (S): 2nd. Place (2x State Champion)
130-Ryan McInerney-Poway (SD): 4th Place (4th, 7th State)
140-Dane Bettencourt-Del Oro-Loomis (SJ): 4th Place (2nd, 2nd, 5th State)
152-Steve Strange-Hughson (SJ): 4th Place (2X State Champion)
103-Cleo Johnson-Firebaugh (C): 7th Place (State Champion)
189-Dan Jackson-Kingsburg (C): 7th Place (State Champion, 5th)
112-Albert Garza-Sanger (C): 7th Place (4th, 5th, 5th State)
125-Thomas Juarez-Montgomery-San Diego (SD): 8th Place (4th. State)
130-Jay McGuffin-Calvary Chapel-Santa Ana (S): 8th Place (3x WA State Champion, 5th CA)

Team result: 4th Place
Qualifiers: Top 4 in California

1996 (13 All-Americans)
112-Stephen Abas-James Logan-Union City (NC): National Champ (3x State Champ, 4th) *MVP
119-Tony Gomez-Independence-San Jose (CC): National Champion (State Champion, 2nd, 3rd)
125-Luis Blanco-Canyon Springs-Moreno Valley (S): National Champion (State Champ, 2nd, 5th)
135-Adam Tirapelle-Buchanan-Clovis (C): National Champion (2x State Champion, 2nd)
189-Mark Munoz-Vallejo (SJ): National Champion (2x State Champion)
103-Ryan Escobar-Ponderosa-Shingle Springs (SJ): 3rd Place (2nd, 5th State)
160-Steve Schenk-Anderson (N): 4th Place (3rd, 3rd, 7th State)
275-Billy Blunt-Grace Davis-Modest (SJ): 4th Place (State Champion)
152-Matt Demers-Grace Davis-Modesto (SJ): 5th Place (State Champion)
171-Oscar Gonzalez-Independence-San Jose (CC): 5th Place (State Champion, 3rd)
112-Paris Ruiz-Clovis West (C): 6th Place (2nd, 3rd State)
112-Matt Azevedo-Calvary Chapel-Santa Ana (S): 7th Place (2x NV State Champion, 3rd CA)
152-Ati Conner-Dos Pueblos (S): 7th Place (2nd, 5th State)

Team result: National Champions
Qualifiers: Top 3 in California

1995 (8 All-Americans)
125-Eric Guerrero-Independence-San Jose (CC): National Champ (3x State Champ, 3rd) *MVP
152-Jason Webster-Centennial-Corona (S): National Champion (2nd, 5th State)
112-Michael Kawamura-Rosemead (S): 2nd Place (State Champion, 2nd, 3rd, 5th)
152-Ed Mosely-Calvary Chapel-Santa Ana (S): 3rd Place (2x State Champion, 6th)
171-Demetris Huff-Upland (S): 3rd Place (State Champion)
112-Ruben De Leon-Chaffey-Ontario (S): 5th Place (State Champion, 3rd)
275-Yeager-Oak Grove-San Jose (CC): 5th Place (2nd State)
145-Josh Holiday-Calvary Chapel-Santa Ana (S): 7th Place (2x State Champion)

Team result: 2nd Place
Qualifiers: State finalist only

1994 (9 All-Americans)
112-Shane Valdez-Calvary Chapel-Santa Ana (S): National Champion (State Champion, 2nd, 2nd)
119-Dane Valdez-Calvary Chapel-Santa Ana (S): 2nd Place (State Champion, 3rd, 8th)
140-Alfred Frausto-Edison-Huntington Beach (S): 2nd Place (2nd State)
135-George Mercardo-Oak Grove-San Jose (CC): 3rd Place (2nd State)
130-Juan Alvarez-El Modena (S): 4th Place (State Champion)
140-Moises Perez-Madera (C): 5th Place (2nd, 3rd State)
189-Mike French-San Diego (SD): 5th Place (2nd State)
275-Wali Sibrie-Buena Park (S): 6th Place (2nd, 3rd State)
160-Eric Philp-Madera (C): 7th Place (State Champion, 3rd)

Team result: 3rd Place
Qualifiers: State finalist only

1993 (7 All-Americans)
140-Anthony Valencia-Keppel-Alhambra (S): National Champion (State Champion)
152-Scott Chapman-Rim of the World-Lake Arrowhead (S): National Champ (3x State Champ)
103-Sean Kim-Schurr-Montebello (S): 3rd Place (State Champion, 2nd)
275-Chad Mast-Clovis (C): 3rd Place (State Champion, 6th)
119-Jose Enriquez-John Glenn-Norwalk (S): 4th Place (State Champion, 5th)
130-Sean McCool-Santa Teresa-San Jose (CC): 6th Place (2nd State)
135-Eddie Ramos-Porterville (C): 6th Place (State Champion)

Team result: 3rd Place
Qualifiers: State finalist only

1992 (7 All-Americans)
112-Tony DeSouza-Chaffey-Ontario (S): 2nd Place (State Champion, 4th)
140-Kyle Porter-Hughson (SJ): 4th Place (2x State Champion)
189-Lalo Moz-Hanford (C): 4th Place (2x State Champion)
171-Jeremy Miller-South Hills-West Covina (S): 5th Place (State Champion)
275-Cory Farkus-Poway (SD): 6th Place (2nd, 3rd State)
103-Coby Wright-Bakersfield (C): 7th Place (State Champion)
130-Dan Maes-Arroyo-El Monte (S): 7th Place (State Champion, 3rd)

Team result: team score not compiled
Qualifiers: State finalist only

1991 (5 All-Americans)
103-Akihiro Yoshikawa-Cupertino (CC): National Champion (State Champion)
119-Jimmy Aguirre-Clovis (C): National Champion (3x State Champion)
130-Gary Quintana-Selma (C): National Champion (State Champion, 2nd, 4th) *MVP
160-Jason Hendricks-Valhalla-El Cajon (SD): 3rd Place (State Champion, 2nd, 4th)
112-Pat Mack-Valhalla-El Cajon (SD): 5th Place (State Champion)

Team result: team score not compiled
Qualifiers: State finalist only

1990 (6 All-Americans)
189-Zach Cooper-Canyon-Anaheim (S): National Champion (2x State Champion)
103-Erin Razo-Trinity-Weaverville (N): 2nd Place (State Champion)
125-Rob Langenwalter-Esperanza-Anaheim (S): 2nd Place (State Champion)
171-Brett Columbini-Ukiah (NC): 2nd Place (State Champion, 3rd)
145-Rick Monge-Mater Dei-Santa Ana (S): 4th Place (State Champion)
103-Can Tran-Arroyo-El Monte (S): 5th Place (2x State Champion)

Team result: team score not compiled
Qualifiers: State finalist only

ALL-AMERICANS (1st – 8th)

NHSCA Senior National Champions (34)
119-Jesse Delgado-Gilroy (CC), 2010
112-Estavan Cabanas-Canyon Springs-Moreno Valley (S): 2009
103-Chris Done-Buchanan-Clovis (C): 2007
130-Billy Murphy-Hughson (SJ): 2006
112-Brian Moreno-Foothill-Santa Ana (S): 2005
103-Matt Bautista-North Torrance (S): 2004
103-Sam Fragoza-Calaveras (SJ): 2003
125-Manual Rivera-Rosemead (S): 2003
103-Orlando Galvan-Loara-Anaheim (S): 2001
125-Steven Esparza-Calvary Chapel-Santa Ana (S): 2001
135-Alex Tirapelle-Clovis (C): 2001
160-Kenneth Cook-American-Fremont (NC): 2001
103-Marvin Garcia-Norte Vista-Riverside (S): 2000
125-Michael Simpson-Brethren Christian-Anaheim (S): 2000
103-David Lopez-Valhalla-El Cajon (SD): 1999
112-Jose Leon-Santa Ana (S): 1999
140-Max Odom-Foothill-Bakersfield (C): 1999
103-Tony Perez-Santa Ana (S): 1998
125-Carlos Blanco-Canyon Springs-Moreno Valley (S): 1997
140-Joe Calavitta-Calvary Chapel-Santa Ana (S): 1997
112-Stephen Abas-James Logan-Union City (NC): 1996 *MVP
119-Tony Gomez-Independence-San Jose (CC): 1996
125-Luis Blanco-Canyon Springs-Moreno Valley (S): 1996
135-Adam Tirapelle-Buchanan-Clovis (C): 1996
189-Mark Munoz-Vallejo (SJ): 1996
125-Eric Guerrero-Independence-San Jose (CC): 1995 *MVP
152-Jason Webster-Centennial-Corona (S): 1995
112-Shane Valdez-Calvary Chapel-Santa Ana (S): 1994
140-Anthony Valencia-Keppel-Alhambra (S): 1993
152-Scott Chapman-Rim of the World-Lake Arrowhead (S): 1993
103-Akihiro Yoshikawa-Cupertino (CC): 1991
119-Jimmy Aguirre-Clovis (C): 1991
130-Gary Quintana-Selma (C): 1991 *MVP
189-Zack Cooper-Canyon-Anaheim (S): 1990

2nd Place (33)
112-Madison Gambrell-Clovis (C): 2009
103- Jeremy Gendreau-St. John Bosco-Bellflower (S): 2008
171- Hunter Collins-Gilroy (CC): 2008
103-Taylor Louie-West Covina (S): 2007
112-Nektoe Demison-Bakersfield (C): 2007
119-Nikko Triggas-Campolindo-Moraga (NC): 2007
125-Boris Navachkov-Fremont-Sunnyvale (CC): 2007
171-Justin Danz-Ponderosa-Shingle Springs (SJ): 2007
215-Ryan Flores-Buchanan-Clovis (C): 2007
103-Pierre Bondoc-Beyer-Modesto (SJ): 2006
112-Justin Paulson-Calvary Chapel-Santa Ana (S): 2006
189-Jake Varner-Bakersfield (C): 2005
125-Darrell Vasquez-Bakersfield (C): 2002
103-Tran Nguyen-Mt. Carmel-San Diego (SD) 2001
160-Greg Smith-Rim of the World-Lake Arrowhead (S) 2001
171-Ryan Halsey-Rancho Buena Vista-Vista (SD) 2001
215-Allen Kennett-Mayfair-Lakewood (S) 2001
275-Lionel Apineru-Barstow (S) 2001
103-Salvador Gonzalez-Merced (SJ) 2000
112-Matt Sanchez-Bellarmine Prep-San Jose (CC) 2000
152-Brody Barrios-Poway (SD) 2000
189-Joshua Naus-Centennial-Bakersfield (C): 1999
275-Ben Fox-Buchanan-Clovis (C): 1999
189-Mike Bigrigg-Calvary Chapel-Santa Ana (S) 1998
125-Burt Pierson-Calvary Chapel-Santa Ana (S) 1997
160-Ty Wilcox-Calvary Chapel-Santa Ana (S) 1997
112-Michael Kawamura-Rosemead (S) 1995
119-Dane Valdez-Calvary Chapel-Santa Ana (S) 1994
140-Alfred Frausto-Edison-Huntington Beach (S) 1994
112 -Tony DeSouza-Chaffey-Ontario (S) 1992
103-Erin Razo-Trinity-Weaverville (N) 1990
125-Rob Langenwalter-Esperanza-Anaheim (S) 1990
171-Brett Columbini-Ukiah (NC) 1990

3rd Place (30)
103-Damien Gomez-Warren-Downey (S): 2010
215-TJ Felix-Centennial-Corona (S): 2010
215-Nick Pica-Concord (NC): 2009
145-Scott Sakaguchi-Clovis (C): 2009
112-Bryden Lazaro-Bella Vista-Loomis (SJ): 2009
103-Gilberto Camacho-Washington Union-Fresno (C): 2008
112-Markjay Acosta-San Leandro (NC): 2008
103-David Chaidez-Foothill-Bakersfield (C): 2006
119-Felip Navachkov-Fremont-Sunnyvale (CC): 2006
125-Mark Anderson-Lemoore (C): 2005
135-Troy Tirapelle-Clovis (C): 2004
119-Chad Mendes-Hanford (C): 2003
125-Gabe Flores-Clovis (C): 2003
189-Joe Williams-Calvary Chapel-Santa Ana (S): 2003
160-Josh Sherley-Bakersfield (C): 2002
103-Jeff Sato-Arroyo Grande (S): 2001
125-Thomas Vargas-Pacific-San Bernardino (S): 2001
171-Willie Parks-Calvary Chapel-Santa Ana (S): 2001
112-William Reick-Durham (N): 2000
135-Jimmy Medeiros-American-Fremont (NC): 1999
145-Steve Martinez-Schurr-Montebello (S): 1999
103-Chris Felix-East Bakersfield (C): 1998
215-Phil Alejandrino-Chino (S): 1998
103-Ryan Escobar-Ponderosa-Shingle Springs (SJ): 1996
152-Ed Mosely-Calvary Chapel-Santa Ana (S) 1995
171-Demetris Huff-Upland (S): 1995
135-George Mercardo-Oak Grove-San Jose (CC): 1994
103-Sean Kim-Schurr-Montebello (S): 1993
275-Chad Mast-Clovis (C): 1993
160-Jason Hendricks-Valhalla-El Cajon (SD): 1991

4th Place (29)
285-Drew Meulman-Saint Francis-Mountain View (CC): 2010
152-Chris Uriquizo-Merced (SJ): 2009
285-Jose Lopez-John Glenn-Norwalk (S): 2009
189-Ryan Loder-Granite Bay (SJ): 2009
119-Steven Salinas-Northview-Covina (S): 2009
125-Todd Schavrien-Poway (SD): 2006
135-Adin Duenas-Gilroy (CC): 2006
189-Nate Willard-Atascadero (S): 2006
215-Ryan Halsey-Rancho Buena Vista-Vista (SD): 2004
103-Gerrard Contreras-Buchanan-Clovis (C): 2002
112-Andrew Domingues-Righetti-Santa Maria (S): 2002
140-Danny Cadwallader-Brethren Christian-Anaheim (S): 2002
275-David Hazell-West Torrance (S): 2002
125-Tyler Moran-Temecula Valley (S) 2001
145-Miguel Gutierrez-Foothill-Bakersfield (C): 2001
145-Chris Pendleton-Lemoore (C): 2000
135-Steve Vieira-Hughson (SJ) 1999
130- Justin Flores-Temecula Valley (S) 1998
160-Telly Sanders-Buchanan-Clovis (C): 1998
130-Ryan McInerney-Poway (SD): 1997
140-Dane Bettencourt-Del Oro-Loomis (SJ): 1997
152-Steve Strange-Hughson (SJ): 1997
160-Steve Schenk-Anderson (N): 1996
275-Billy Blunt-Grace Davis-Modesto (SJ): 1996
130-Juan Alvarez-El Modena-Orange (S): 1994
119-Jose Enriquez-John Glenn-El Monte (S): 1993
140-Kyle Porter-Hughson (SJ): 1992
189-Lalo Moz-Hanford (C): 1992
145-Rick Monge-Mater Dei-Santa Ana (S): 1990

5th Place (30)
125-Martin Gonzalez-Gilroy (CC): 2009
145-Jordan Hart-Folsom (SJ): 2009
152-Tigran Adzhemyan-Calvary Chapel-Santa Ana (S): 2009
285-Roger McCovey-Del Norte-Crescent City (NC): 2009
103-Edgar Diaz-Arvin (C): 2008
119-Thomas Williams-South Hills-West Covina (S): 2008
119-Jason Lara-Calvary Chapel-Santa Ana, (S): 2007
145-Lucas Espericueta-Shafter (C): 2006
103-Gabe Rodriguez-Calvary Chapel-Santa Ana (S): 2005
119-Brandon Zoeteway-De La Salle-Concord (NC): 2005
140-David Christian-San Ramon Valley (NC): 2005
140-David Jauregui-Calvary Chapel-Santa Ana (S): 2004
103-David Navarette-Temecula Valley (S): 2004
103-Louie Puno-Vallejo (SJ): 2002
130-Ricky Turk-Rim of the World-Lake Arrowhead (S): 2002
152-Sven Hafemeister-Lemoore (C): 2002
130-Andy Kim-Poway (SD): 2001
103-Ryan Pong-San Ramon Valley (NC): 2000
140-Brian Cobb-Bellarmine Prep-San Jose (CC): 1999
103-John Hammer-Fairfield (SJ): 1998
152-Kirk Moore-Foothill-Bakersfield (C): 1998
152-Matt Demers-Grace Davis-Modesto (SJ): 1996
171-Oscar Gonzalez-Independence-San Jose (CC): 1996
112-Ruben DeLeon-Chaffey-Ontario (S): 1995
275-Brian Yeager-Oak Grove-San Jose (CC): 1995
140-Moses Perez-Madera (C): 1994
189-Mike French-San Diego (SD): 1994
171-Jeremy Miller-South Hills-West Covina (S): 1992
112-Pat Mack-Valhalla-El Cajon (SD): 1991
103-Can Tran-Arroyo-El Monte (S): 1990

6th Place (20)
285-Peter Anguiano-Franklin-Elk Grove (SJ): 2010
125-Ryan Fillingame-Sultana-Hesperia (S): 2009
285-Ryan Hoover-Hesperia (S): 2007
103-Drew Velasco-North Torrance (S): 2006
152-Ryan Williams-La Costa Canyon-Carlsbad (SD): 2004
275-Marcus Moore-Hogan-Vallejo (SJ): 2004
140-Pat Payne-Poway (SD): 2003
103-Jake Nishimura-Camarillo (S): 2002
215-Steve Juarez-North Torrance (S): 2002
145-Dustin Tillman-American-Fremont (NC): 2001
275-Chase Gormley-Torrance (S): 2001
145-Adam Bones-Calvary Chapel-Santa Ana (S): 2000
215-Zeb Beatty-Lower Lake (NC): 1999
215-Josh Saul-Calvary Chapel-Santa Ana (S): 1998
275-Hector Torres-Rosemead (S): 1998
112-Paris Ruiz-Clovis West (C): 1996
275-Wali Sibrie-Buena Park (S): 1994
130-Sean McCool-Santa Teresa-San Jose (CC): 1993
135-Eddie Ramos-Porterville (C): 1993
275-Cory Farkus-Poway (SD): 1992

7th Place (32)
103-Thien Tran-Irvine (S): 2010
160-Dominic Kastl-Gilroy (CC): 2010
215-Josh Wood-Modoc (N): 2009
135-Vinny Pisani-El Modena-Orange (S): 2008
140-Trent Stevenson-Arcata (NC): 2008
171-Jake Meredith-Temecula Valley (S): 2008
135-Joe Soto-Porterville (C): 2005
215-Erik Nye-Red Bluff (N): 2005
103-Jesse Contreras-Turlock (SJ): 2003
160-Brett Slone-Vacaville (SJ): 2003
103-David Villagran-Brawley (SD): 2002
112-Logan Ingram-Buchanan-Clovis (C): 2002
135-Jeff Bristol-Temecula Valley (S): 2002
189-Kirk Davis-Arroyo Grande (S): 2002
119-Jacob Palomino-Independence-San Jose (CC): 2001
119-Efren Ceballos-Manteca (SJ): 2000
140-Peter Le-Santa Teresa-San Jose (CC): 2000
171-Jesse Juarez-North Torrance (S): 2000
112-Randy Katz-Mission San Jose-Fremont (NC): 1999
119-Ben Martinez-Tulare Union (C): 1999
125-Steven Trevino-Santa Fe-Whittier (S): 1999
112-J.J. Roberts-Valhalla-El Cajon (SD): 1998
130-Fabian Sandoval-Chico (N): 1998
140-Pat Cadwallader-Brethren Christian-Anaheim (S): 1998
103-Cleo Johnson-Firebaugh (C): 1997
189-Dan Jackson-Kingsburg (C): 1997
112-Matt Azevedo-Calvary Chapel-Santa Ana (S): 1996
152-Ati Conner-Dos Pueblos (S): 1996
145-Josh Holiday-Calvary Chapel-Santa Ana (S): 1995
160-Eric Philp-Madera (C): 1994
103-Coby Wright-Bakersfield (C): 1992
130-Dan Maes-Arroyo-El Monte (S): 1992

8th Place (18)
140-Jake Briggs-Bella Vista-Fair Oaks (SJ): 2010
285-Manuel Mazariegos-Sultana-Hesperia (S): 2010
145-Mathew Melendrez-California-Whittier (S): 2009
119-Richard Alarcon-Mayfair-Lakewood (S): 2008
112-Kellen Aura-Foothill-Pleasanton (NC): 2007
215-John Hernandez-Pacifica-Oxnard (S): 2007
130-Josh Betancur-Buchanan-Clovis (C): 2006
125-John Triggas-Campolindo-Moraga (NC): 2005
145-Lewis Gonzalez-Turlock (SJ): 2005
112-John Gurich-Gilroy (CC): 2004
275-Peter Borba-Watsonville (CC): 2001
112-Andrew Onsuerez-East Bakersfield (C): 2000
215-Jordan Everett-Grossmont-El Cajon (SD): 2000
125-Kurt Lorenz-Oak Grove-San Jose (CC): 1999
275-Fred Aquitania-Will C. Wood-Vacaville (SJ): 1998
112-Albert Garza-Sanger (C): 1997
125-Thomas Juarez-Montgomery-San Diego (SD): 1997
130-Jay McGuffin-Calvary Chapel-Santa Ana (S): 1997


Southern (S)
103-Damien Gomez-Warren-Downey: 3rd Place (2010)
215-JT Felix-Centennial-Corona: 3rd Place (2010)
103-Thein Tran-Irvine: 7th Place (2010)
285-Manuel Mazariegos-Sultana-Hesperia: 8th Place (2010)
112-Estavan Cabanas-Canyon Springs-Moreno Valley: National Champion (2009)
119-Steven Salinas-Northview-Covina: 4th Place (2009)
285-Jose Lopez-John Glenn-Norwalk: 4th Place (2009)
152-Tigran Adzhemyan-Calvary Chapel-Santa Ana: 5th Place (2009)
125-Ryan Fillingame-Sultana-Hesperia: 6th Place (2009)
145-Mathew Melendrez-California-Whittier: 8th Place (2009)
103-Jeremy Gendreau-St. John Bosco-Bellflower: 2nd Place (2008)
119-Thomas Williams-South Hills-West Covina: 5th Place (2008)
119-Richard Alarcon-Mayfair-Lakewood: 8th Place (2008)
135-Vinny Pisani-El Modena-Orange: 7th Place (2008)
171-Jake Meredith-Temecula Valley: 7th Place (2008)
103-Taylor Louie-West Covina: 2nd Place (2007)
119-Jason Lara-Calvary Chapel-Santa Ana: 5th Place (2007)
285-Ryan Hoover-Hesperia: 6th Place (2007)
215-John Hernandez-Pacifica-Oxnard: 8th Place (2007)
112-Justin Paulson-Calvary Chapel-Santa Ana: 2nd Place (2006)
189-Nate Willard-Atascadero: 4th Place (2006)
103-Drew Velasco-North Torrance: 6th Place (2006)
112-Brian Moreno-Foothill-Santa Ana: National Champion (2005)
103-Gabe Rodriguez-Calvary Chapel-Santa Ana: 5th Place (2005)
103-Matt Bautista-North Torrance: National Champion (2004) **
140-David Jauregui-Calvary Chapel-Santa Ana: 5th. Place (2004)
103-David Navarette-Temecula Valley: 5th. Place (2004)
125-Manual Rivera-Rosemead: National Champion (2003)
189-Joe Williams-Calvary Chapel-Santa Ana: 3rd. Place (2003)
275-David Hazell-West Torrance: 4th. Place (2002)
112-Andrew Domingues-Righetti-Santa Maria: 4th Place (2002)
140-Danny Cadwallader-Brethren Christian-Anaheim: 4th Place (2002)
130-Ricky Turk-Rim of the World-Lake Arrowhead: 5th Place (2002)
103-Jake Nishimura-Camarillo: 6th Place (2002)
215-Steve Juarez-North Torrance: 6th Place (2002)
135-Jeff Bristol-Temecula Valley: 7th Place (2002)
189-Kirk Davis-Arroyo Grande: 7th Place (2002)
103-Orlando Galvan-Loara-Anaheim: National Champion (2001)
125-Steve Esparza-Calvary Chapel-Santa Ana: National Champion (2001)
160-Greg Smith-Rim of the World-Lake Arrowhead: 2nd Place (2001)
215-Allen Kennett-Mayfair-Lakewood: 2nd Place (2001)
275-Lionel Apineru-Barstow: 2nd Place (2001)
103-Jeff Sato-Arroyo Grande: 3rd Place (2001)
125-Thomas Vargas-Pacific-San Bernardino: 3rd Place (2001)
171-Willie Parks-Calvary Chapel-Santa Ana: 3rd. Place (2001)
125-Tyler Moran-Temecula Valley: 4th Place (2001)
275-Chase Gormley-Torrance: 6th Place (2001)
103-Marvin Garcia-Norte Vista-Riverside: National Champion (2000)
125-Michael Simpson-Brethren Christian-Anaheim: National Champion (2000)
145-Adam Bones-Calvary Chapel-Santa Ana: 6th Place (2000)
171-Jesse Juarez-North Torrance: 7th Place (2000)
112-Jose Leon-Santa Ana: National Champion (1999)
145-Steve Martinez-Schurr-Montebello: 3rd Place (1999)
125-Steven Trevino-Santa Fe: 7th Place (1999)
103-Tony Perez-Santa Ana: National Champion (1998)
189-Mike Bigrigg-Calvary Chapel-Santa Ana: 2nd Place (1998)
215-Phil Alejandrino-Chino: 3rd Place (1998)
130-Justin Flores-Temecula Valley: 4th Place (1998)
215-Josh Saul-Calvary Chapel-Santa Ana: 6th Place (1998)
275-Hector Torres-Rosemead: 6th Place (1998)
140-Pat Cadwallader-Brethren Christian-Anaheim: 7th Place (1998)
125-Carlos Blanco-Canyon Springs-Moreno Valley: National Champion (1997)
140-Joe Calavitta-Calvary Chapel-Santa Ana: National Champion (1997)
125-Burt Pierson-Calvary Chapel-Santa Ana: 2nd. Place (1997)
160- Ty Wilcox-Calvary Chapel-Santa Ana: 2nd. Place (1997)
130-Jay McGuffin-Calvary Chapel-Santa Ana: 8th Place (1997)
125-Luis Blanco-Canyon Springs-Moreno Valley: National Champ (1996)
112-Matt Azevedo-Calvary Chapel-Santa Ana: 7th Place (1996)
152-Ati Conner-Dos Pueblos: 7th Place (1996)
152-Jason Webster-Centennial-Corona: National Champion (1995)
112-Michael Kawamura-Rosemead (S): 2nd Place (1995)
152-Ed Mosely-Calvary Chapel-Santa Ana: 3rd Place (1995)
171-Demetris Huff-Upland: 3rd Place (1995)
112-Ruben De Leon-Chaffey-Ontario: 5th Place (1995)
145-Josh Holiday-Calvary Chapel-Santa Ana: 7th Place (1995)
112-Shane Valdez-Calvary Chapel-Santa Ana: National Champion (1994)
119-Dane Valdez-Calvary Chapel-Santa Ana: 2nd Place (1994)
140-Alfred Frausto-Edison-Huntington Beach: 2nd Place (1994)
130-Juan Alvarez-El Modena: 4th Place (1994)
275-Wali Sibrie-Buena Park: 6th Place (1994)
140-Anthony Valencia-Keppel-Alhambra: National Champion (1993)
152-Scott Chapman-Rim of the World-Lake Arrowhead: National Champion (1993)
103-Sean Kim-Schurr-Montebello: 3rd Place (1993)
119-Jose Enriquez-John Glenn-Norwalk: 4th Place (1993)
112-Tony DeSouza-Chaffey-Ontario: 2nd Place (1992)
171-Jeremy Miller-South Hills-West Covina: 5th Place (1992)
130-Dan Maes-Arroyo-El Monte: 7th Place (1992)
189-Zach Cooper-Canyon-Anaheim: National Champion (1990)
125-Rob Langenwalter-Esperanza-Anaheim: 2nd Place (1990)
145-Rick Monge-Mater Dei-Santa Ana: 4th Place (1990)
103-Can Tran-Arroyo-El Monte: 5th Place (1990)

Central (C)
112-Madison Gambrell-Clovis: 2nd Place (2009)
145-Scott Sakaguchi-Clovis: 3rd Place (2009)
103-Gilberto Camacho-Washington Union-Fresno: 3rd Place (2008)
103-Edgar Diaz-Arvin: 5th Place (2008)
103-Chris Done-Buchanan-Clovis: National Champion (2007)
112-Nektoe Demison-Bakersfield: 2nd Place (2007)
215-Ryan Flores-Buchanan-Clovis: 2nd Place (2007)
145-Lucas Espericueta-Shafter: 5th. Place (2006)
130-Josh Betancur-Buchanan-Clovis: 8th Place (2006)
103-David Chaidez-Foothill-Bakersfield: 3rd place (2006)
125-Mark Anderson-Lemoore: 3rd Place (2005)
135-Joe Soto-Porterville: 7th Place (2005)
189-Jake Varner-Bakersfield: 2nd. Place (2005)
135-Troy Tirapelle-Clovis: 3rd. Place (2004)
119-Chad Mendes-Hanford: 3rd. Place (2003)
125-Gabe Flores-Clovis: 3rd. Place (2003)
103-Gerrard Contreras-Buchanan-Clovis: 4th Place (2002)
112-Logan Ingram-Buchanan-Clovis: 7th Place (2002)
125-Darrell Vasquez-Bakersfield: 2nd Place (2002)
152-Sven Hafemeister-Lemoore: 5th Place (2002)
160-Josh Sherley-Bakersfield: 3rd Place (2002)
135-Alex Tirapelle-Clovis: National Champion (2001)
145-Miguel Gutierrez-Foothill-Bakersfield: 4th Place (2001)
112-Andrew Onsuerez-East Bakersfield: 8th Place (2000)
145-Chris Pendleton-Lemoore: 4th Place (2000)
119-Ben Martinez-Tulare Union: 7th Place (1999)
140-Max Odom-Foothill-Bakersfield: National Champion (1999)
189-Joshua Naus-Centennial-Bakersfield: 2nd Place (1999)
275-Ben Fox-Buchanan-Clovis: 2nd Place (1999)
103-Chris Felix-East Bakersfield: 3rd Place (1998)
152-Kirk Moore-Foothill-Bakersfield: 5th Place (1998)
160-Telly Sanders-Buchanan-Clovis: 4th Place (1998)
103-Cleo Johnson-Firebaugh: 7th Place (1997)
112-Albert Garza-Sanger: 7th Place (1997)
189-Dan Jackson-Kingsburg: 7th Place (1997)
112-Paris Ruiz-Clovis West: 6th Place (1996)
135-Adam Tirapelle-Buchanan-Clovis: National Champion (1996)
140-Moises Perez-Madera: 5th Place (1994)
160-Eric Philp-Madera: 7th Place (1994)
135-Eddie Ramos-Porterville: 6th Place (1993)
275-Chad Mast-Clovis: 3rd Place (1993)
103-Coby Wright-Bakersfield: 7th Place (1992)
189-Lalo Moz-Hanford: 4th Place (1992)
119-Jimmy Aguirre-Clovis: National Champion (1991)
130-Gary Quintana-Selma: National Champion (1991) *MVP

Sac-Joaquin (SJ)
285-Peter Anguiano-Franklin-Elk Grove: 6th Place (2010)
140-Jake Briggs-Bella Vista-Fair Oaks: 8th Place (2010)
112-Bryden Lazaro-Bella Vista-Loomis: 3rd Place (2009)
152-Chris Uriquizo-Merced: 4th Place (2009)
189-Ryan Loder-Granite Bay: 4th Place (2009)
145-Jordan Hart-Folsom: 5th Place (2009)
171-Justin Danz-Ponderosa-Shingle Springs: 2nd Place (2007)
103-Pierre Bondoc-Beyer-Modesto: 2nd Place (2006)
130-Billy Murphy-Hughson: National Champion (2006)
145-Lewis Gonzalez-Turlock: 8th Place (2005)
275-Marcus Moore-Hogan-Vallejo: 6th Place (2004)
103-Sam Fragoza-Calaveras: National Champion (2003)
103-Jesse Contreras-Turlock: 7th. Place (2003)
160-Brett Slone-Vacaville: 7th. Place (2003)
103-Louie Puno-Vallejo: 5th Place (2002)
103-Salvador Gonzalez-Merced: 2nd Place (2000)
119-Efren Ceballos-Manteca: 7th Place (2000)
135-Steve Vieira-Hughson: 4th Place (1999)
103-John Hammer-Fairfield: 5th Place (1998)
275-Fred Aquitania-Will C. Wood-Vacaville: 8th Place (1998)
140-Dane Bettencourt-Del Oro-Loomis: 4th Place (1997)
152-Steve Strange-Hughson: 4th Place (1997)
103-Ryan Escobar-Ponderosa-Shingle Springs: 3rd Place (1996)
152-Matt Demers-Grace Davis-Modesto: 5th Place (1996)
189-Mark Munoz-Vallejo: National Champion (1996)
275-Billy Blunt-Grace Davis-Modest: 4th Place (1996)
140-Kyle Porter-Hughson: 4th Place (1992)

Central Coast (CC)
119-Jesse Delgado-Gilroy: National Champion (2010)
215-Drew Meulman-Saint Francis-Mountain View: 4th Place (2010)
160-Dominic Kastl-Gilroy: 7th Place (2010)
125-Martin Gonzalez-Gilroy: 5th Place (2009)
171-Hunter Collins-Gilroy: (2008)
125-Boris Navachkov-Fremont-Sunnyvale: 2nd Place (2007)
119-Filip Novachkov-Fremont-Sunnyvale: 3rd Place (2006)
135-Adin Duenas-Gilroy: 4th Place (2006)
112-John Gurich-Gilroy: 8th Place (2004)
119-Jacob Palomino-Independence-San Jose: 7th Place (2001)
275-Peter Borba-Watsonville: 8th Place (2001)
112-Matt Sanchez-Bellarmine Prep-San Jose: 2nd Place (2000)
140-Peter Le-Santa Teresa-San Jose: 7th. Place (2000)
125-Kurt Lorenz-Oak Grove-San Jose: 8th Place (1999)
140-Brian Cobb-Bellarmine Prep-San Jose: 5th Place (1999)
119-Tony Gomez-Independence-San Jose: National Champion (1996)
171-Oscar Gonzalez-Independence-San Jose: 5th Place (1996)
125-Eric Guerrero-Independence-San Jose: National Champ (1995) *MVP
275-Yeager-Oak Grove-San Jose: 5th Place (1995)
135-George Mercardo-Oak Grove-San Jose: 3rd Place (1994)
130-Sean McCool-Santa Teresa-San Jose: 6th Place (1993)
103-Akihiro Yoshikawa-Cupertino: National Champion (1991)

San Diego (SD)
125-Todd Schavrien-Poway: 4th Place (2006)
152-Ryan Williams-La Costa Canyon-Carlsbad: 6th Place (2004)
215-Brandon Halsey-Rancho Buena Vista-Vista: 4th Place (2004)
140-Pat Payne-Poway: 6th Place (2003)
103-David Villagran-Brawley: 7th Place (2002)
103-Tran Nguyen-Mt. Carmel-San Diego: 2nd Place (2001)
130-Andy Kim-Poway: 5th Place (2001)
171-Ryan Halsey-Rancho Buena Vista-Vista: 2nd Place (2001)
152-Brody Barrios-Poway: 2nd Place (2000)
215-Jordan Everett-Grossmont-El Cajon: 8th Place (2000)
103-David Lopez-Valhalla-El Cajon: National Champion (1999)
112-J.J. Roberts-Valhalla-El Cajon: 7th Place (1998)
125-Thomas Juarez-Montgomery-San Diego: 8th Place (1997)
130-Ryan McInerney-Poway: 4th Place (1997)
189-Mike French-San Diego: 5th Place (1994)
275-Cory Farkus-Poway: 6th Place (1992)
112-Pat Mack-Valhalla-El Cajon: 5th Place (1991)
160-Jason Hendricks-Valhalla-El Cajon: 3rd Place (1991)

North Coast (NC)
215-Nick Pica-Concord: 3rd Place (2009)
285-Roger McCovey-Del Norte-Crescent City: 5th Place (2009)
112-Markjay Acosta-San Leandro: 3rd Place (2008)
140-Trent Stevenson-Arcata: 7th Place (2008)
112-Kellen Aura-Foothill-Pleasanton, NC): 8th Place (2007)
119-Nikko Triggas-Campolindo-Moraga: 2nd Place (2007)
119-Brandon Zoeteway-De La Salle-Concord: 5th Place (2005)
125-John Triggas-Campolindo-Moraga: 8th Place (2005)
140-David Christian-San Ramon Valley: 5th Place (2005)
145-Dustin Tillman-American-Fremont: 6th Place (2001)
160-Kenneth Cook-American-Fremont: National Champion (2001)
103-Ryan Pong-San Ramon Valley: 5th Place (2000)
112-Randy Katz-Mission San Jose-Fremont: 7th Place (1999)
135-Jimmy Medeiros-American-Fremont: 3rd Place (1999)
215-Zeb Beatty-Lower Lake: 6th Place (1999)
112-Stephen Abas-James Logan-Union City: National Champion (1996) *MVP
171-Brett Columbini-Ukiah: 2nd Place (1990)

Northern (N)
215-Josh Wood-Modoc: 7th Place (2009)
215-Erik Nye-Red Bluff: 7th Place (2005)
112-William Reick-Durham: 3rd Place (2000)
130-Fabian Sandoval-Chico: 7th Place (1998)
160-Steve Schenk-Anderson: 4th Place (1996)
103-Erin Razo-Trinity-Weaverville: 2nd Place (1990)

Los Angels (LA)
No All-Americans

Oakland City (O)
No All-Americans

San Francisco City (SF)
No All-Americans

Champions (34)
2nd Place (35)
3rd Place (30)
4th Place (29)
5th Place (30)
6th Place (20)
7th Place (32)
8th Place (18)

103 (36)
112 (26)
119 (16)
125 (21)
130 (12)
135 (11)
140 (16)
145 (12)
152 (12)
160 (10)
171 (10)
189 (12)
215 (13)
275 (19)

ALL-AMERICANS (California Sections)
Southern (S): 91
Central (C): 45
Sac-Joaquin (SJ): 27
Central Coast (CC): 22
San Diego (SD): 18
North Coast (NC): 17
Northern (N): 6
Los Angeles City League (LA): 0
Oakland City League (O): 0
San Francisco City League (SF): 0

All-Americans-All Grades (Brothers)

Clovis (Central Section)
135-Troy Tirapelle-3rd. Place (2004)
135-Alex Tirapelle-National Champion (2001)
135-Adam Tirapelle-National Champion (1996)

Canyon Springs-Moreno Valley (Southern Section)
125-Carlos Blanco-National Champion (1997)
125-Luis Blanco-National Champion (1996)

Calvary Chapel-Santa Ana (Southern Section)
112-Shane Valdez-National Champion (1994)
119-Dane Valdez-2nd Place (1994)

Fremont-Sunnyvale (Central Coast Section)
125-Boris Navachkov-2nd Place (2007)
119-Filip Novachkov- 3rd Place (2006)

Bakersfield (Central Section)
145-Coleman Hammond-National Champion (2010)
152-Bryce Hammond-National Champion (2009)

Rancho Buena Vista (San Diego Section)
215-Brandon Halsey-4th Place (2004)
171-Ryan Halsey-2nd Place (2001)

Campolindo-Moraga (North Coast Section)
119-Nikko Triggas-2nd Place (2007)
125-John Triggas-8th Place (2005)

Brethren Christian-Anaheim (Southern Section)
140-Danny Cadwallader-4th Place (2002)
140-Pat Cadwallader-7th Place (1998)

Poway (San Diego Section)
119-Joseph Boone-4th Place
130-Tim Boone-5th Place

1991-Gary Quintana-Selma (C)
1995-Eric Guerrero-Independence-San Jose (CC)
1996-Stephen Abas-James Logan-Union City (NC)

MOST FALLS AWARD (California only)
1996-Billy Blunt-Grace Davis-Modesto (SJ)

California (2001): 9
California (2007): 7

Ohio (2003): 22
California (2001): 19

Ohio (2004): 6
Ohio (1994, 2003): 5
California (1996): 5
New Jersey (2010): 4

Ohio (2003): 289.0 points
California (1996): 283.0 points

NHSCA Team Champions (Senior’s only)
2010-New Jersey
2008-New Jersey
2006-New Jersey
2005-New York
1992: Team score not compiled
1991: Team score not compiled
1990: Team score not compiled

NHSCA Top 3 Team finishes (1993-2010)

1. New Jersey-233.5
2. New York-190.0
3. California-153.5

1. California-186.5
2. New York-177.5
3. Michigan-170.0

1. New Jersey-230.5
2. Michigan-213.0
3. Pennsylvania-210.0

1. California-205.5
2. New Jersey-198.0
3. Ohio-179.5

1. New Jersey-249.0
2. California-231.5
3. Ohio-230.0

1. New York-222.0
2. Ohio-186.0
3. California-180.0

1. Ohio-173.5
2. California-136.0
3. Michigan-118.5

1. Ohio-289.0
2. New Jersey-202.5
3. California-176.0

1. Ohio-253.0
2T. California-218.0
2T. New Jersey-218.0

1. California-265.5
2. New Jersey-228.5
3. Ohio-185.5

1. Ohio-258.5
2. California-220.5
3. New Jersey-178.5

1. California-255.0
2. Ohio-234.0
3. New Jersey-152.5

1. Minnesota-184.5
2. California-176.0
3. Utah-169.0

1. Ohio-213.0
2. Pennsylvania-208.5
3. New Jersey-189.5

1. California-283.0
2. Minnesota-176.0
3. Ohio-170.0

1. Ohio-202.5
2. California-163.0
3. Indiana-158.5

1. Ohio-251.5
2. Pennsylvania-189.0
3. California-164.5

1. Ohio-185.5
2. Pennsylvania-166.0
3. California-157.5

1990-’92: Team score not compiled

Ohio: 8 (1993, 94, ‘95, ‘97, ‘00, ‘02, ’03, ’04)
California: 5 (1996, ’99, ’01, ’07, ‘09)
New Jersey: 3 (2006, ’08, ‘10)
New York: 1 (2005)
Minnesota: 1 (1998)

Top 3 Team Finishes
California: 16
Ohio: 14
New Jersey: 10
Pennsylvania: 4
Michigan: 3
New York: 3
Minnesota: 2
Indiana: 1
Utah: 1

TEAM FINISHES (California)
2010 – 3rd Place (9 All-Americans)
2009 - NHSCA National Champions (16 All-Americans)*
2008 - 5th Place (10 All-Americans)
2007 - NHSCA National Champions (11 All-Americans) **
2006 - 2nd Place (11 All-Americans)
2005 - 3rd Place (10 All-Americans)
2004 - 2nd Place (8 All-Americans)
2003 - 3rd Place (8 All-Americans)
2002 - 2nd Place (15 All-Americans) **
2001- NHSCA National Champions (19 All-Americans) *
2000 - 2nd Place (14 All-Americans) *
1999 - NHSCA National Champions (14 All-Americans) **
1998 - 2nd Place (14 All-Americans) *
1997 - 4th Place (12 All-Americans) *
1996 - NHSCA National Champions (13 All-Americans) *
1995 - 2nd Place (8 All-Americans)
1994 - 3rd Place (9 All-Americans)
1993 - 3rd Place (7 All-Americans)
1992 - Team score not compiled (7 All-Americans)
1991 - Team score not compiled (5 All-Americans)
1990 - Team score not compiled (6 All-Americans)

*State with the most All-Americans
**Tied Ohio with the most All-Americans

ALL-AMERICANS (California schools)
Calvary Chapel-Santa Ana, S (20)
Buchanan-Clovis, C (8)
Clovis, C (7)
Poway, SD (6)
Gilroy, CC (6)
Bakersfield, C (5)
Temecula Valley, S (5)
Foothill-Bakersfield, C (4)
Hughson, SJ (4)
Independence-San Jose, CC (4)
North Torrance, S (4)
Valhalla-El Cajon, SD (4)
American-Fremont, NC (3)
Brethren Christian-Anaheim, S (3)
Canyon Springs-Moreno Valley, S (3)
Lemoore, C (3)
Oak Grove-San Jose, CC (3)
Rim of the World-Lake Arrowhead, S (3)
Rosemead, S (3)
Arroyo-El Monte, S (2)
Arroyo Grande, S (2)
Bellarmine College Prep-San Jose, CC (2)
Bella Vista-Fair Oaks., SJ (2)
Campolindo-Moraga, NC (2)
Centennial-Corona, S (2)
East Bakersfield, C (2)
Chaffey-Ontario, S (2)
El Modina-Orange, S (2)
Fremont-Sunnyvale, CC (2)
Grace Davis-Modesto, SJ (2)
Hanford, C (2)
John Glenn-Norwalk, S (2)
Madera, C (2)
Mayfair-Lakewood, S (2)
Merced-Sac, SJ (2)
Ponderosa-Shingle Springs, SJ (2)
Porterville, C (2)
Rancho Buena Vista-Vista, SD (2)
San Ramon Valley, NC (2)
Santa Ana, S (2)
Santa Teresa-San Jose, CC (2)
Schurr-Montebello, S (2)
South Hills-West Covina, S (2)
Sultana-Hesperia, S (2)
Turlock, SJ (2)
Vallejo, SJ (2)
Arcata, NC (1)
Arvin, C (1)
Atascadero, S (1)
Barstow, S (1)
Brawley, SD (1)
Beyer-Modesto, SJ (1)
Buena Park, S (1)
California-Whittier, S (1)
Calaveras, SJ (1)
Canyon-Anaheim, S (1)
Camarillo, S (1)
Centennial-Bakersfield, C (1)
Chico, N (1)
Chino, S (1)
Clovis West, C (1)
Concord, NC (1)
Cupertino, CC (1)
De La Salle-Concord, NC (1)
Del Norte-Crescent City, NC (1)
Del Oro-Loomis, SJ (1)
Dos Pueblos, S (1)
Durham, N (1)
Edison-Huntington Beach, S (1)
Esperanza-Anaheim, S (1)
Fairfield, SJ (1)
Firebaugh, C (1)
Folsom, SJ (1)
Foothill-Pleasanton, NC (1)
Foothill-Santa Ana, S (1)
Franklin-Elk Grove, SJ (1)
Granite Bay, SJ (1)
Grossmont-El Cajon, SD (1)
Hesperia, S (1)
Hogan-Vallejo, SJ (1)
Irvine, S (1)
James Logan-Union City, NC (1)
Kingsburg, C (1)
La Costa Canyon-Carlsbad, SD (1)
Loara-Anaheim, S (1)
Lower Lake, NC (1)
Manteca, SJ (1)
Mark Keppel-Alhambra, S (1)
Mater Dei-Santa Ana, S (1)
Mt. Carmel-San Diego, SD (1)
Mission San Jose-Fremont, NC (1)
Modoc, N (1)
Montgomery-San Diego, SD (1)
Norte Vista-Riverside, S (1)
Northview-Covina, S (1)
Pacific-Oxnard, S (1)
Pacific-San Bernardino, S (1)
Red Bluff, N (1)
Righetti-Santa Maria, S (1)
Saint Francis-Mountain View, CC (1)
Sanger, C (1)
San Diego, SD (1)
San Leandro, NC (1)
Santa Fe, S (1)
Selma, C (1)
Shafter, C (1)
St. John Bosco-Bellflower, S (1)
Torrance, S (1)
Trinity-Weaverville, N (1)
Tulare Union, C (1)
Ukiah, NC (1)
Upland, S (1)
Vacaville, SJ (1)
Warren-Downey, S (1)
Washington Union-Fresno, C (1)
Watsonville, CC (1)
West Torrance, S (1)
Will C. Wood-Vacaville, SJ (1)

Ohio (47)
California (34)
New Jersey (33)
Pennsylvania (23)
New York (19)
Michigan (13)
Oklahoma (10)
Illinois (9)
Virginia (8)
Kansas (7)
Utah (7)
Indiana (6)
Maryland (5)
Minnesota (5)
Missouri (5)
Wisconsin (5)
Arizona (4)
Florida (4)
Georgia (4)
Idaho (4)
Iowa (4)
Colorado (3)
Delaware (3)
Montana (3)
New Mexico (3)
North Carolina (3)
Washington (3)
South Dakota (2)
South Carolina (2)
Tennessee (2)
West Virginia (2)
New Hampshire (1)
Oregon (1)
Wyoming (1)

Ohio (243)
California (226)
New Jersey (169)
Pennsylvania (143)
New York (124)
Michigan (93)
Minnesota (91)
Kansas (88)
Oklahoma (85)
Indiana (68)
Virginia (66)
Iowa (65)
Illinois (63)
Florida (58)
Maryland (51)
Missouri (46)
Utah (45)
Wisconsin (39)
North Carolina (37)
Colorado (32)
New Mexico (32)
South Dakota (30)
West Virginia (30)
Arizona (29)
Washington (29)
Massachusetts (28)
Montana (26)
North Dakota (24)
Tennessee (23)
Wyoming (19)
Connecticut (18)
Delaware (18)
Texas (18)
South Carolina (16)
Idaho (16)
Georgia (13)
Nebraska (12)
Oregon (12)
Kentucky (11)
Nevada (11)
New Hampshire (11)
Louisiana (9)
Alabama (5)
Alaska (5)
Maine (4)
Vermont (4)
Rhode Island (1)
Hawaii (1)
Mississippi (0)
Arkansas (0)

NHSCA Junior National Championships 2005-‘10

2010 (7 All-Americans)
103-Ian Nickell-Bakersfield (C): 2nd Place
103-Christian Betancourt-Arroyo (S): 7th Place
119-Vince Rodriguez-Clovis North (C): National Champion
125-Oscar Lizarraga-Brawley (SD): 2nd Place
135-Tim Box-Bakersfield (C): 5th Place
160-Justin Lozano-Selma (C): 2nd Place
215-Malique Micenheimer-McNair-Stockton (SJ): 3rd Place
Team finish: 3rd Place

2009 (7 All-Americans)
103-Steven Joyce-Norwalk (S): 8th Place
112-Zach Zimmer-Clovis West (C): 5th Place
130-Tucker Armstrong-Corona Del Mar-Newport Beach (S): 3rd Place
140-Cody Rodebaugh-San Lorenzo Valley-Felton (CC): 4th Place
160-Dominic Kastl-St. Francis-Mountain View (CC): 8th Place
215-Drew Meulman-St. Francis-Mountain View (CC): 4th Place
285-Luis Contreras-Madera (C): 6th Place
Team finish: 4th Place

2008 (10 All-Americans)
112-Stephen Salinas-Northview-Covina (S): 5th Place
119-Martin Gonzalez-Gilroy (CC): 2nd Place
135-Kyle West-Oak Ridge-El Dorado Hills (SJ): 3rd Place
145-Scott Sakaguchi-Clovis (C): 5th Place
152-Jacob Rodriguez-Canyon Springs-Moreno Valley (S): 6th Place
160-Stephen West-Buchanan-Clovis (C): 5th Place
171-Ryan Loder-Granite Bay (SJ): 2nd Place
171-Jordan Williams-El Dorado-Placerville (SJ): 6th Place
215-Josh Wood-Modoc (N): 4th Place
285-Roger McCovey-Del Norte-Crescent City (NC): 3rd Place
Team finish: 3rd Place

2007 (5 All-Americans)
103-Gilberto Camacho-Washington Union-Fresno (C): 2nd Place
112-Steven Fitzgerald-Clovis East (C): 4th Place
125-Caleb Vallotton-Foothill-Palo Cedro (N): 6th Place
130-Tim Boone-Poway (SD): 5th Place
171-Hunter Collins-Gilroy (CC): National Champion
Team finish: 5th Place

2006 (4 All-Americans)
103-P.J. Martinez-Northview-Covina (S): 4th Place
119-Joseph Boone-Poway (SD): 4th Place
145-Tony Webber-Bakersfield (C): 5th Place
160-Justin Danz-Ponderosa-Shingle Springs (SJ): 2nd Place

2005 (5 All-Americans)
130-Billy Murphy-Hughson (SJ): National Champion *MVP
140-Andrew Rogers-Healdsburg (NC): 2nd Place
160-Victor Carazo-Grace Davis-Modesto (SJ): 3rd Place
119-Caleb Flores-Northview-Covina (S): 3rd Place
119-Juan Archuleta-Sultana-Hesperia (S): 7th Place

NHSCA Sophomore National Championships 2006-‘10

2010 (6 All-Americans)
112-Hermillo Esquivel-Orland (N): 3rd Place
125-Willie Fox-Gilroy (CC): National Champion
152-Jim Wilson-McNair-Stockton (SJ): National Champion
160-Nikko Reyes-Clovis West (C): National Champion
160-Silas Nacita-Bakersfield (C): 5th Place
285-Gavin Andrews-Granite Bay (SJ): National Champion
Team finish: 4th Place

2009 (8 All-Americans)
130-Nick Cano-St. Francis-Mountain View (CC): 4th Place
130-Tim Box-Bakersfield (C): 7th Place
135-Nathan Zarate-Selma (C): 6th Place
145-Adam Fierro-Bakersfield (C): 4th Place
145-Bradley Johnson-Canyon Springs-Moreno Valley (S): 7th Place
152-Vinny Waldhauser-Oak Ridge-El Dorado Hills (SJ): 4th Place
152-Justin Lozano-Selma (C): 3rd Place
152-Bryce Hammond-Bakersfield (C): National Champion
Team finish: 9th Place

2008 (12 All-Americans)
112-Jesse Delgado-Gilroy (CC): National Champion
112-Sean Silva-Barstow (S): 6th Place
112-Bryan Grubbs-La Costa Canyon-Carlsbad (SD): 8th Place
119-Jake Briggs-Bella Vista-Fair Oaks (SJ): National Champion
130-Frank Martinez-Northview-Covina (S): 5th Place
145-Denzel Hawkins-Centennial-Corona (S): 7th Place
152-James Cook-Clovis West (C): National Champion
152-Travs Gallegos-Foothill-Palo Cedro (N): 5th Place
160-Ian Roy-Poway (SD): 6th Place
171-Lyndell Scarr-Ponderosa-Shingle Springs (SJ): 7th Place
215-John Meulman-Saint Francis-Mountain View (CC): 3rd Place
215-Brian Schoene-Bakersfield (C): 5th Place
Team finish: 3rd Place

2007 (7 All-Americans)
103-Estevan Cabanas-Canyon Springs-Moreno Valley (S): 5th Place
112-Steven Salinas-Northview-Covina (S): 6th Place
119-Brandon Rocha-Lemoore (C): 8th Place
119-Henry Yorba-Poway (SD): 6th Place
140-Nick Waldrop-Freedom-Oakley (NC): 5th Place
171-Ryan Loder-Granite Bay (SJ): 3rd Place
275-Lloren Baize-Lemoore (C): 6th Place
Team finish: 5th Place

2006 (3 All-Americans)
135-Travis Rasmussen-Bakersfield (C): 6th Place
140-Vinny Maraj-Yucca Valley (S): 3rd Place
145-Brad Pace-Ponderosa-Shingle Springs (SJ): 4th Place

NHSCA Freshman National Championships 2007-‘10

2010 (3 All-Americans)
103-Micah Perez-Central Union (SD): 2nd Place
103-Christian Pagdilao-Centennial-Corona (S): 7th Place
145-Coleman Hammond-Bakersfield (C): National Champion
Team finish: 8th Place

2009 (6 All-Americans)
112-Willie Fox-Gilroy (CC): 2nd Place
125-Joey Davis-Santa Fe (S): 3rd Place
125-Jorge Barajas-Saint Francis-Mountain View (CC): 6th Place
135-Blake Kastl-St. Francis-Mountain View (CC): National Champion
140-James Wilson-McNair-Stockton (SJ): 6th Place
145-Diego Rabanal-Bishop Alemany-Mission Hills (S): 5th Place
Team finish: 5th Place

2008 (5 All-Americans)
103-Vincent Rodriguez-Clovis North (C): 2nd Place
112-Steven Knoblauch-Clovis West (C): 7th Place
119-Chase Boontjer-Foothill-Palo Cedro (N): 4th Place
145-Bradley Johnson-Canyon Springs-Moreno Valley (S): 3rd Place
152-Brett Schumann-Foothill-Palo Cedro (N): 8th Place
Team finish: 7th Place

2007 (7 All-Americans)
112-Nathan Roberts-Buchanan-Clovis (C): 7th Place
140-Adam DeLaGarza-Vacaville (SJ): National Champion
140-Roman Flores-Stockdale-Bakersfield (C): 2nd Place
145-Nick Sierra-Lemoore (C): 3rd Place
160-Lyndell Scarr-Ponderosa-Shingle Springs (SJ): 4th Place
189-Kyle Papendorf-Buchanan-Clovis (C): 3rd Place
215-Chase Eskam-El Camino-Oceanside (SD): 6th Place
Team finish: 6th place

All-Americans (1st – 8th)

National Champions (Frosh-Junior)
112-Jesse Delgado-Gilroy (CC), 2008 (Soph.), 2010 (Sr.)
119-Vince Rodriguez-Clovis North (C), 2010 (Jr.)
125-Willie Fox-Gilroy (CC), 2010 (Soph.)
145-Coleman Hammond-Bakersfield (C), 2010 (Frosh.)
152-Jim Wilson-McNair-Stockton (SJ): 2010 (Soph.)
160-Nikko Reyes-Clovis West (C), 2010 (Soph.)
285-Gavin Andrews-Granite Bay (SJ), 2010 (Soph.)
135-Blake Kastl-St. Francis-Mountain View (CC), 2009 (Frosh.)
152-Bryce Hammond-Bakersfield (C), 2009 (Soph.)
119-Jake Briggs-Bella Vista-Fair Oaks (SJ), 2008 (Soph.)
152-James Cook-Clovis West (C), 2008 (Soph.)
140-Adam DeLaGarza-Vacaville (SJ), 2007 (Frosh.)
171-Hunter Collins-Gilroy (CC), 2007 (Jr.)
130-Billy Murphy-Hughson (SJ), 2005 (Jr.) *MVP

2nd Place (Frosh-Junior)
103-Ian Nickell-Bakersfield (C): 2010 (Jr.)
125-Oscar Lizarraga-Brawley (SD): 2010 (Jr.)
160-Justin Lozano-Selma (C): 2010 (Jr.)
103-Micah Perez-Central Union (SD): 2010 (Frosh.)
112-Willie Fox-Gilroy (CC): 2009 (Frosh.)
119-Martin Gonzalez-Gilroy (CC): 2008 (Jr.)
171-Ryan Loder-Granite Bay (SJ): 2008 (Jr.)
103-Vincent Rodriguez-Clovis North (C): 2008 (Frosh.)
103-Gilberto Camacho-Washington Union-Fresno (C): 2007 (Jr.)
140-Roman Flores-Stockdale-Bakersfield (C): 2007 (Frosh.)
160-Justin Danz-Ponderosa-Shingle Springs (SJ): 2006 (Jr.)
140-Andrew Rogers-Healdsburg (NC): 2005 (Jr.)

3rd Place (Frosh-Junior)
215-Malique Micenheimer-McNair-Stockton (SJ): 2010 (Jr.)
112-Hermillo Esquivel-Orland (N): 2010 (Soph.)
130-Tucker Armstrong-Corona Del Mar-Newport Beach (S): 2009 (Jr.)
125-Joey Davis-Santa Fe (S): 2009 (Frosh.)
152-Justin Lozano-Selma (C): 2009 (Soph.)
135-Kyle West-Oak Ridge-El Dorado Hills (SJ): 2008 (Jr.)
285-Roger McCovey-Del Norte-Crescent City (NC): 2008 (Jr.)
215-John Meulman-Saint Francis-Mountain View (CC): 2008 (Soph.)
145-Bradley Johnson-Canyon Springs-Moreno Valley (S): 2008 (Frosh.)
171-Ryan Loder-Granite Bay (SJ): 2007 (Soph.)
145-Nick Sierra-Lemoore (C): 2007 (Frosh.)
189-Kyle Papendorf-Buchanan-Clovis (C): 2007 (Frosh.)
140-Vinny Maraj-Yucca Valley (S): 2006 (Soph.)
119-Caleb Flores-Northview-Covina (S): 2005 (Jr.)
160-Victor Carazo-Grace Davis-Modesto (SJ): 2005 (Jr.)

4th Place (Frosh-Junior)
140-Cody Rodebaugh-San Lorenzo Valley-Felton (CC): 2009 (Jr.)
215-Drew Meulman-St. Francis-Mountain View (CC): 2009 (Jr.)
130-Nick Cano-St. Francis-Mountain View (CC): 2009 (Soph.)
145-Adam Fierro-Bakersfield (C): 2009 (Soph.)
152-Vinny Waldhauser-Oak Ridge-El Dorado Hills (SJ): 2009 (Soph.)
215-Josh Wood-Modoc (N): 2008 (Jr.)
119-Chase Boontjer-Foothill-Palo Cedro (N): 2008 (Frosh.)
112-Steven Fitzgerald-Clovis East (C): 2007 (Jr.)
160-Lyndell Scarr-Ponderosa-Shingle Springs (SJ): 2007 (Frosh.)
103-P.J. Martinez-Northview-Covina (S): 2006 (Jr.)
119-Joseph Boone-Poway (SD): 2006 (Jr.)
145-Brad Pace-Ponderosa-Shingle Springs (SJ): 2006 (Soph.)

5th Place (Frosh-Junior)
135-Tim Box-Bakersfield (C): 2010 (Jr.)
160-Silas Nacita-Bakersfield (C): 2010 (Soph.)
112-Zach Zimmer-Clovis West (C): 2009 (Jr.)
145-Diego Rabanal-Bishop Alemany-Mission Hills (S): 2009 (Frosh.)
112-Stephen Salinas-Northview-Covina (S): 2008 (Jr.)
145-Scott Sakaguchi-Clovis (C): 2008 (Jr.)
160-Stephen West-Buchanan-Clovis (C): 2008 (Jr.)
130-Frank Martinez-Northview-Covina (S): 2008 (Soph.)
152-Travs Gallegos-Foothill-Palo Cedro (N): 2008 (Soph.)
215-Brian Schoene-Bakersfield (C): 2008 (Soph.)
130-Tim Boone-Poway (SD): 2007 (Jr.)
103-Estevan Cabanas-Canyon Springs-Moreno Valley (S): 2007 (Soph.)
140-Nick Waldrop-Freedom-Oakley (NC): 2007 (Soph.)
145-Tony Webber-Bakersfield (C): 2006 (Jr.)

6th Place (Frosh-Junior)
285-Luis Contreras-Madera (C): 2009 (Jr.)
135-Nathan Zarate-Selma (C): 2009 (Soph.)
125-Jorge Barajas-Saint Francis-Mountain View (CC): 2009 (Frosh.)
140-James Wilson-McNair-Stockton (SJ): 2009 (Frosh.)
152-Jacob Rodriguez-Canyon Springs-Moreno Valley (S): 2008 (Jr.)
171-Jordan Williams-El Dorado-Placerville (SJ): 2008 (Jr.)
112-Sean Silva-Barstow (S): 2008 (Soph.)
160-Ian Roy-Poway (SD): 2008 (Soph.)
125-Caleb Vallotton-Foothill-Palo Cedro (N): 2007 (Jr.)
112-Steven Salinas-Northview-Covina (S): 2007 (Soph.)
119-Henry Yorba-Poway (SD): 2007 (Soph.)
275-Lloren Baize-Lemoore (C): 2007 (Soph.)
215-Chase Eskam-El Camino-Oceanside (SD): 2007 (Frosh.)
135-Travis Rasmussen-Bakersfield (C): 2006 (Soph.)

7th Place (Frosh-Junior)
103-Christian Betancourt-Arroyo (S): 2010 (Jr.)
103-Christian Pagdilao-Centennial-Corona (S): 2010 (Frosh.)
130-Tim Box-Bakersfield (C): 2009 (Soph.)
145-Denzel Hawkins-Centennial-Corona (S): 2008 (Soph.)
171-Lyndell Scarr-Ponderosa-Shingle Springs (SJ): 2008 (Soph.)
112-Steven Knoblauch-Clovis West (C): 2008 (Frosh.)
112-Nathan Roberts-Buchanan-Clovis (C): 2007 (Frosh.)
119-Juan Archuleta-Sultana-Hesperia (S): 2005 (Jr.)

8th Place (Frosh-Junior)
103-Steven Joyce-Norwalk (S): 2009 (Jr.)
160-Dominic Kastl-St. Francis-Mountain View (CC): 2009 (Jr.)
112-Bryan Grubbs-La Costa Canyon-Carlsbad (SD): 2008 (Soph.)
119-Brandon Rocha-Lemoore (C): 2007 (Soph.)
152-Brett Schumann-Foothill-Palo Cedro (N): 2008 (Frosh.)

Multiple NHSCA All-Americans (All Grades)

4X All-American

3X All-Americans
Drew Meulman-Saint Francis-Mountain View (CC), 2008 (Soph.), ’09 (Jr.), ’10 (Sr.)
Ryan Loder-Granite Bay (SJ), 2007 (Soph.), ’08 (Jr.), ’09 (Sr.)
Steven Salinas-Northview-Covina (S), 2007 (Soph.), ’08 (Jr.), ’09 (Sr.)

2X All-Americans
Jesse Delgado-Gilroy (CC), 2008 (Soph.), 2010 (Sr.)
Jake Briggs-Bella Vista-Fair Oaks (SJ), 2008 (Soph.), 2010 (Sr.)
Dominic Kastl-Saint Francis/Gilroy (CC), 2009 (Jr.), 2010 (Sr.)
Willie Fox-Gilroy (CC), 2009 (Fr.), 2010 (Soph.)
James Wilson-McNair-Stockton (SJ), 2009 (Fr.), 2010 (Soph.)
Tim Box-Bakersfield (C), 2009 (Soph.), 2010 (Jr.)
Vince Rodriguez-Clovis North (C), 2008 (Fr.), 2010 (Jr.)
Justin Lozano-Selma (C), 2009 (Soph.), 2010 (Jr.)
Roger McCovey-Del Norte-Crescent City (NC), 2008 (Jr.), ’09 (Sr.)
Josh Wood-Modoc (N), 2008 (Jr.), ’09 (Sr.)
Estavan Cabanas-Canyon Springs-Moreno Valley (S), 2007 (Soph.), ’09 (Sr.)
Scott Sakaguchi-Clovis (C), 2008 (Jr.), ’09 (Sr.)
Martin Gonzalez-Gilroy (CC), 2008 (Jr.), ’09 (Sr.)
Bradley Johnson-Canyon Springs-Moreno Valley (S), 2008 (Fr.), ’09 (Soph.)
Hunter Collins-Gilroy (CC), 2007 (Jr.), ’08 (Sr.)
Lyndell Scarr-Ponderosa-Shingle Springs (SJ), 2007 (Fr.), ’08 (Soph.)
Justin Danz-Ponderosa-Shingle Springs (SJ), 2006 (Jr.), ’07 (Sr.)
Billy Murphy-Hughson (SJ), 2005 (Jr.), ’06 (Sr.)

ALL-AMERICANS-Frosh - Junior (California schools)
Bakersfield, C (10)
Saint Francis-Mountain View, CC (6)
Gilroy, CC (5)
Northview-Covina, S (5)
Canyon Springs-Moreno Valley, S (4)
Clovis West, C (4)
Foothill-Palo Cedro, N (4)
Ponderosa-Shingle Springs, SJ (4)
Poway, SD (4)
Buchanan-Clovis, C (3)
Granite Bay, SJ (3)
Lemoore, C (3)
McNair-Stockton, SJ (3)
Selma, C (3)
Centennial-Corona, S (2)
Clovis North, C (2)
Oak Ridge-El Dorado Hills, SJ (2)
Arroyo-El Monte, S (1)
Barstow, S (1)
Bella Vista-Fair Oaks, SJ (1)
Bishop Alemany-Mission Hills, S (1)
Brawley, SD (1)
Central Union-El Centro, SD (1)
Clovis, C (1)
Clovis East, C (1)
Corona Del Mar, S (1)
Del Norte-Crescent City, NC (1)
El Camino-Oceanside, SD (1)
Freedom-Oakley, NC (1)
Grace Davis-Modesto, SJ (1)
Healdsburg, NC (1)
Hughson, SJ (1)
La Costa Canyon-Carlsbad, SD (1)
Madera, C (1)
Modoc, N (1)
Norwalk, S (1)
Orland, N (1)
San Lorenzo Valley-Felton, CC (1)
Santa Fe, S (1)
Stockdale-Bakersfield, C (1)
Sultana-Hesperia, S (1)
Vacaville, SJ (1)
Washington Union-Fresno, C (1)
Yucca Valley, S (1)

Information compiled by Al Fontes, State Editor-The California